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Happy New Year everyone!  I love starting a new year because it gives us a fresh start and so much to look forward to.  It also gives us a chance to reflect on the past year, in this case, 2015.  What big milestones happened in your life this past year?  What was a happy thing that happened?  What was something that was not so happy?  We already have some big things on the horizon for 2016.  We have a presidential election coming up, as well as the Olympics!  I know in my case I will be starting a new chapter in my life; graduating 8th grade and moving on to high school!  While we can anticipate all these things we know will happen in the coming months, God has so many things in store for you that you have no idea about yet.  Some may be happy surprises, and some may be sad surprises.  You never know what God has in mind, but you can know that it is all in his master plan for your life.  Whatever happens, God is using it to make you stronger and build your relationship with him.  Go into 2016 with confidence and trust.  I hope you have a wonderful first week of this year!

Comment below about what you are looking forward to in 2016, or what you think I should write about in the coming year!