Getting Homework Done

Getting Homework Done

So we’ve covered waking up on time (see Wake Up Call), and I think it’s time for more school-related advice.  This time, let’s chat about homework.  Some days it may literally seem like you’re swamped with homework, like in the movies when somebody goes to the library to study, and you can’t even see them because they’re surrounded by so many books.  Yeah, that’s exactly how you may feel sometimes.  But, never fear!  Here are some tips on getting it done and out of the way:

– Write your homework down.  I know that some schools give their students agendas at the beginning of the year.  If your school does that, then use it.  If not, it’s easy to find everyday planners or agendas at places like Target or Walmart.  You can buy an agenda (which is what I would do since it’s nice and organized) or you can have a special place in one of your notebooks or binders to write down your homework.  It’s easy to be like, “Oh, I’ll just keep all this homework information up here in my brain”, but, if you get even a decent amount of homework each week, this plan is bound to fail one day.

– Plan out your homework week.  This is helpful for me when I have long-term projects.  To get it all done, plan what days of the week you want to work on it.  Don’t plan to work on your long-term project on a day when you have a bunch of after school activities, because then you will never get it done.

– Prioritize.  If you have something for homework that’s due the next day, do it first before the assignment due next week.  Also, if you have a day with no next-day assignments, don’t go home and watch TV all afternoon.  Get started on a long-term project.  It’s always better to get those kind of assignments done as early as possible to avoid rushing at the end.  Getting started early will also give you more time to do a better job on it and possibly get a better grade.

– Ask questions.  Pay attention in class so it doesn’t take you hours to do the homework assignment that should only take 20 minutes.  Even if you did listen in class, and then you get home and still don’t understand it, don’t be afraid to ask for help.  Call a friend or email a teacher with questions.  There is always someone who can help you.

I hope this was a helpful and inspiring post about homework!  Comment below about your method of getting homework done.                                                                                                                                                                                 

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