Movie Summary and Review: God’s Not Dead

Movie Summary and Review: God’s Not Dead

Hi everyone!  This review has some spoilers that you might want to skip if you are interested in watching this movie.  They are clearly marked, so you can just skip down to where it says the spoilers have stopped.  Enjoy!

Josh Wheaton is excited to start his freshmen year at college.  For one of his electives, he decides to take philosophy, and on his first day of taking the class, his professor (Professor Radisson) asks the entire class to write three simple words on a piece of paper: God Is Dead.  Josh is taken aback by this, for he is a strong Christian.  Professor Radisson comes around to collect the papers, and Josh does not give him one.  “I can’t,” he says, “I’m a Christian.”  Professor Radisson is obviously very against Christianity, and this act of defiance on Josh’s part angers him.  He tells Josh that if he is so sure there is a God, Josh must defend his position successfully, or lose 30% of his final grade.  Josh accepts, even though he is greatly troubled by his professors adamant atheism.  He talks to Pastor Dave about this, and Pastor Dave encourages him with a few Bible verses.

Josh starts presenting about God at the end of every philosophy class, often followed by snide and snarky comments from Professor Radisson, even leading to threats.  Martin Yin, a Chinese exchange student in Josh’s class, is awestruck at Josh’s courage to defend his faith and immediately questions him about Christianity.  He develops a strong interest in becoming a Christian and excitedly calls his father to share his discovery with him.  Mina, Professor Radisson’s girlfriend, is fed up with his passionate dislike of Christianity.  Being a Christian herself, she breaks up with him.

**SPOILERS**                                                                                                                                                           Mina’s unexpected breakup greatly upsets Radisson, and at his next philosophy class, he gets into a heated argument with Josh.  Josh angrily asks him why he hates God, and Radisson reveals that his mother, who was a Christian, died when he was 12 years old.  He can’t understand how a loving God would take someone with so much faith away from this life.  He therefore hates God.  Mina goes to a Newsboys concert that Josh and Martin are also attending.  While she is at the concert, Radisson confusedly takes a walk.  He seems to be wrestling internally with faith and atheism.  As he is crossing the street, a speeding car comes out of nowhere and hits him.  Pastor Dave comes rushing over from his car that was at the same intersection of the accident.  He quickly determines that Radisson’s ribs are crushed and he won’t live, but he asks Radisson if he is a Christian.  Radisson says he’s terrified, that it’s not time for him to die yet.  He wants to repent and become a Christian before he dies.  Pastor Dave tells him that he can do that right now.  Right before he dies, Professor Radisson gives his life to Jesus Christ.  Josh Wheaton’s defense that there is a God was not in vain.  He influenced many in his class, including Professor Radisson. **END SPOILERS**

I highly recommend watching this movie.  The above summary does not include everything that happens, because there are a number of extra side stories in the movie that were not vital to the overall plot.  Although in my opinion there were a few parts that were a little unrealistic, it does a great job of conveying how much God can change someone’s life.  It is true that sometimes our faith will be tested and people will want to know why we believe in Jesus.  It might not be so stark as is represented in this movie, but it will happen, and we need to be able to stand up for our faith and stick by what we know is true.

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