Are You Extraordinary?

Are You Extraordinary?

Extraordinary.  What do you think of when you hear that word?  Maybe something out of the ordinary, or something extra special.  Some dictionary definitions include, “beyond what is usual, ordinary, regular, or established,” and “exceptional in character.”  We think of something extraordinary as something unexpected or exciting.  Sometimes we feel like our lives are too normal, boring even, and we wait hopefully for something extraordinary to happen.  But wait.  Let’s go back to that word and pull it apart.  Extra-ordinary.  That’s right.  Synonyms would be extra normal or extra common.  You may be thinking, “My life is definitely not extraordinary.  Extra-ordinary is a much more fitting description for my life.”  Have you ever felt that way?  Maybe you feel like you have a very ordinary life and you envy others around you who seem to be doing all these fun extraordinary things.  You see people on TV and in movies who are basking in fame and happiness, living crazy and adventurous lives and being all around extraordinary.  Well what if I told you that you didn’t need all that to be an extraordinary person?  Let’s look at some people from the Bible that did some pretty extraordinary things, shall we?

David.  The guy who killed a giant.  Did you hear that?  A GIANT.  The Philistines and Israelites are all fighting and everything, right?  So in walks this shepherd boy (the most boring and common job EVER, by the way), who walks up to the giant and kills him with a small pebble.  So he helps win the war for the Israelites and then goes on to be the king.  No big deal or anything.

Sarah.  This is Abraham’s wife.  She was just going about living a normal life when guess what?  God decides she’ll have a son.  Even though she’s super old and it’s technically impossible for her to have children, this is God we’re talking about.  Oh. and one more thing.  This son will happen to be the ancestor of the person who will save the world.

Joseph.  This is a few generations after Sarah.  Joseph is the youngest out of a lot of brothers.  He is his father’s favorite child.  He’s also a shepherd.  So long story short his brothers sell him and he ends up in jail, but God favors him and makes him second in command to the king of Egypt.  Again, no biggie.  He only went from the bottom of his family to the top of the entire country.

Mary.  Ok, this is one of my favorites because it describes extraordinary perfectly.  So, a girl is outside one day, probably washing clothes or something, when who should appear?  An angel.  From heaven.  If that isn’t startling enough, guess what he says?  “Hey Mary.  Guess what?  God has found favor with you!  You’re going to be the mother of the man who saves the entire world!  It doesn’t matter that you’re not married!  This is God we’re talking about!”  Mary’s response is possibly the calmest scenario imaginable.  She praises God instead of freaking out.

Ok. after having read some of these accounts, do you think of the word “Extraordinary” in a different way?  I sure do.  Every one of those people were probably some of the most ordinary people you could find, but God used all of them for extraordinary purposes.  He used them to pave the way for Jesus, who in and of himself was the most extra ordinary and extraordinary case of all time.  A baby born in a barn, the son of a carpenter, who would go on to sacrifice himself so that we can eternally be with God.

So the next time you feel like you have an extra ordinary life, know that God is using you for extraordinary purposes.  It might not be as radical as these Bible accounts, but know that He has a plan to make you extraordinary.

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